About the RIMA Survey

The Racial & Intersectional Microaggressions online survey (RIMA) explored the experiences of BIPOC(Black, Indigenous and People of Color, to include individuals identifying as Asian/API, Latinx, and/or Multiracial), Persons with Disabilities (PWD), and LGBTQIA undergraduate and graduate students at UNM. Identified students received a link from rimasurvey@unm.edu asking them to participate in the survey beginning March 8th, 2021.

The RIMA survey was administered March 8th through April 12th, 2021.

About the RIMA survey:
  • The survey asked students to delineate uncomfortable spaces to allow us to design appropriate interventions to enhance UNM’s inclusive climate.
  • Students were asked to answer open ended questions about their experiences. Sets of questions were customized to address BIPOC, PWD and LGBTQIA concerns.
  • OIA created a stratified sample of students who are BIPOC and those who have accessed the LGBTQ-RC or ARC
  • Survey link was sent to over 5000+ participants
  • UNM IRB approved the project
  • An incentive of $10 was offered to the first 1000 participants in the online survey (including 500 at HSC)

Once the survey was complete and data had been analyzed, a UNM toolkit for interrupting microaggressions in various spaces on campus (e.g. in classrooms, labs, residence halls, etc) was developed and is being shared across campus.

Students who did not receive a customized link to participate will have opportunities to make their voices heard via focus groups in Fall 2021.

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